FCA and Telecommunications Act of 1996

  • Cell Phone Towers and Communities:  The Struggle for Local Control

    “But deep within its pages, in Section 704, lay a stealth clause about the siting of cell-phone towers that is creating a planning and zoning nightmare–and perhaps a public health problem, according to some scientists, journalists, and activists.”

  • FCA and 1996 Telecommunications Act

    “The council researched the Federal Communications Act of 1996 and found that “wireless carriers have had a free hand in placing new cell towers as long as they could prove a significant gap in voice coverage”. Councilman J. Brooke Herne consulted with experts to navigate through the meanings of the words “significant gap” and “voice coverage”. Specifically he wanted to understand the difference between a significant gap in coverage as mandated by the 1996 FCA and reliable in-building coverage. What Councilman Herne discovered is that “reliable is a higher level of coverage than that required by federal law. Reliable is a wider, broader band of connectivity that enables cellular telephone companies to sell more services and make more money.”

  • Federal Communications Commission Official Site

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